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>Is it going to be similiar to Mekton Z? If not you should give values to
>all the ms and weapons, so that armies of differing sizes could still be

If you mean something the equivalent of points in WH40k, then yes, I'll
definately be doing that. The construction system will be a bit different
from Mekton, because instead of choosing parts with 'spaces' (I think that's
what they call them), you more or less set the parameters, such as armor,
weapons, sensors. I figure that since we're talking Gundam here, the
engineers can no doubt come up with what you want, no matter how crazy, but
it would cost quite a bit.

>I'll be a playtester.

Great. Right now I need to work on finishing up the long range combat rules,
close combat rules, and damage. But that should be easy to do since I have
the basic system down already.


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