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>>In page 103 of the GEX (Gundam Express)
>>section, it stated that the 1:100 MG MS-09R "Rick
>>Dom" will be released in October 1999, and to attract
>>customers, it showed a drawing of MG RD's exclusive
>>firearm: a beam bazooka!! Yes, as logic-defying as it
>>can be, the beam bazooka was first appeared in "Gundam
>>F91" movie (circa U.C. 0123), but it was first
>>mentioned way back in Tomino's "Gundam 0079" novel,
>>and recently it appears on PlayStation's Gundam game
>>"Giren's Greed", so I rest my case. Very nice design,
>>though. (a little similar to Rick Dias/ Type 100's
>ZZ Gundam's Modified Dowadge(a second-generation upgrade from the
>Dom)carried one. For years I thought it was just some sort of rifle/bazooka
>hybrid, unril I learned otherwise. The instructions for the Dreissen
>suggested it might carry one as well.

        I have the kit of both...and I can say that if the dreissen was meant to
carry iut, then there are some problems that have to be solved before it
can do so...kit-wise.
        It's a hefty little bazooka, and it looks nice when it is being used.

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