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>So the next question is, With the exception of the Psychickers, Where did
>all the psychics go? Yes I realize this is a tv show, and couldn't addres
>everything in society. But If a major plotpoint is that man evolved to a
>higher level while in space, and as a result displays strange bew mental
>prowess, it would seem that a natural enemy, or even ally would be the
>thousands od supposed psychics on earth, who have till this point been
>totally discounted. It also seems that with societys acceptance of the
>newtype abilitys as fact, Psychics might have an easyer time of it? Anyway,
>I hope never to see "the Newtype friends network"

It's not a question of where the psychics, or ESPers, went but where they
came from in the first place. Newtype was not originally intended to be
ESP or psychic powers. Like "The Force" in Star Wars, Newtype was more
about individual awareness and empathy than anything else. Only at the end
of the original series does Amuro manifest anything resembling psychic
abilities and that's just a sort of telepathy between him and his friends
in the White Base crew, akin to Luke hearing Ben's guiding voice.

But, just as telekinesis suddenly became a part of the Star Wars legend in
the second film, Empire Strikes Back, so did ESPer powers in the second
Gundam series. But, by then, we weren't dealing with pure Newtypes any
more. The EUG and Titans had "bio soldiers" and "artificially strengthened
people" who, while referred to as "artificial Newtypes" on occasion, were
nothing like Amuro and the rest of the true Newtypes. The closest thing to
psychic powers we see among the true Newtypes is Amuro-style communion with
the deceased.

Things got way out of hand in ZZ, but again it was the artificial Newtypes
like Elpeo Ple who were levitating things and displaying aurorae. Yes,
Jude did glow a bit toward the end, but generally he manifested only the
hyper-awareness that is the hallmark of the Newtype.

Psychics and ESPers are not and never should have been a part of Gundam.
As murky as the Newtype concept has been, it's clearly all about
Enlightenment and Taking Right Action, in the Buddhist tradition of
perfected humanity.


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