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> >there could be a series that continues from the end of the
> > movie, because there was no doubt that the war in F91 was
> just beginning. Is
> > there any manga or anything that continues the story of F 91?
> Crossbone Gundam novels which, if I recall the story is not finished.
> Strange thing is that I think an F90 MS overlaps into the stoy...not
> quite sure how it works. F90/F91/SilF91 and Crossbone Gundam period
> really confuses me @_x

F90/SilF91 series are mainly focus on Oldsmobile Army, THE last remnant of
Zeon, and really doesn't interact with F91/Crossbone Gundam. Crossbone
Gundam also took place several years after F91 so by then.

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