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The silhouette f91 model series and the crossbone gundam manga are continuations of the f91 series. It's a shame no crossbone model was made!

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> it showed a drawing of MG RD's exclusive
> firearm: a beam bazooka!! Yes, as logic-defying as it
> can be, the beam bazooka was first appeared in "Gundam
> F91" movie (circa U.C. 0123)

Cool! That's a neat weapon. I just saw F 91 and its an awesome movie. I
really, really liked it. I have no complaints with F 91. But, F 91 would make
a great TV series, there could be a series that continues from the end of the
movie, because there was no doubt that the war in F91 was just beginning. Is
there any manga or anything that continues the story of F 91?


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