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I still cant believe that the zeta was such a porr seller. Yes its flimsy in places, but for what it is (A fairly complex MS with many moving parts) they did a fairly decent job. Add to that that it's a really cool MS and it should have sold. I bought 2. Mabey that's just me though. It looks great in black and red.
I totally forgot about the shiki. It has always been one of my favorite, and Its sure to be a great looking MG.

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> >> >MG Kampfer!!!!!!! NOW!!!!
> >>
> >>Bandai can't recycle the mold for this one, so it's highly unlikely to
> >>out. However, the fact that the next MG is the Alex helps its chances.
> >>Don't be surprised if Bandai decides to put out a MG Zaku FZ instead,
> >>though.
> >>
> >>Eddie
> >
> >Just what I was thinking. The Kampfer is a fan-fav though, so maybe
> >Bandai will pull an ol' MG GPO2A manuever an mak'er anyhay.
>Or remember their lesson with the MG Zeta? Hmmm. Maybe that's why there's
>still no other MG kits from Zeta Gundam. They probably stayed with the
>OYW designs because they were scared that Zeta designs won't sell as well.

Maybe, but the 100-shiki and Rick-Dias are great canidates to be MG'd!

Mark Kai

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