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>I'd like to help with it. My friends and I are really into wargames. If
>there were a full set of rules, we'd be playing it the next day that I
>got them. So if there is anything you could use some outside assistance,
>just let me know. I got the spare time to do it too (for next couple
>weeks anyway).

Thanks for the offer. I have rules down right now for the most part, however
I still need to work on stats. I figure I have two options, one would be to
create a vehicle construction system (which would take a lot of time) or
simply come up with stats for the MS and put them on a webpage. Opinions on
this, anyone?

I hoep to post the basic rules sometime this week, with weapons and
vehicle/MS stats to follow. I'd love it if I could get some playtesters, all
I ask is some written responses on what worked/what didn't,
suggestions/comments/critiques, etc.


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