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>I think that a warhammer 40k varient would be better. Where-as
>one mobile suit would equal one space marine. The basic units would be
>GM's or ZAKU's and special "unique" units would be a character from the
>series, ie. char or amuro. Though would would need a pretty small scale
>models for it to work the same. Do anyone of you know of any? This is a
>really good idea.

        Well, that's definately a possibility (in fact I think someone on
this list was going to use Gundam models for dreadnaughts in WH40k), but
WH40k isn't really what I'm after. I love the Warhammer mythos (both Fantasy
and 40k, although I prefer Fantasy), but I'm really looking for more of a
military based system. I just don't think that the Warhammer 40k rules handle
the necessary situations to properly represent an accurate Gundam game.
        I also dislike the idea of using someone else's rules. As I'm hoping
to one day use this same ruleset for some published games, it's better that I
focus on a game of my own design. However, I'd love to see a WH40k conversion.


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