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Mon, 26 Jul 99 23:58:47 -0800

>Not sure if anyone here remembers this but, a few months ago I posted a
>proposed outline for a tabletop game. Regardless, it never got much farther
>past this early stage. But, I've decided to get back to work on it, and so
>once again I'm asking for the members of this list to give me their opinions
>on something....
>The Scale
>Mark Simmons suggested a scale with units of Mobile Suits, 3 Zaku, 3 Dom,
>etc. This would be nice, and make for larger, more 'epic' battles, but it
>woudl take a different system to make it work. I was thinking of each mobile
>suit in the unit having it's own damage chart, and rolling randomly when a
>unti attacks to see which MS in the defending units get hit. Something like
>Heavy Gear's infantry system, so x amount of damage would be inflicted to a
>unit, the player rolls randomly and decides that MS A is attacked. The
>problem is that MS A can only take y damage, so the remaining damage (z) is
>inlicted to MS B. Hope that wasn't too complicated. :/ What do you guys
>That's it for now, I'll be posting updates/summaries/rules bits whenever I
>complete them.

           I think that a warhammer 40k varient would be better. Where-as
one mobile suit would equal one space marine. The basic units would be
GM's or ZAKU's and special "unique" units would be a character from the
series, ie. char or amuro. Though would would need a pretty small scale
models for it to work the same. Do anyone of you know of any? This is a
really good idea.

    - Mr. Nice Guy

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