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I suspect GML members can help out here:

>From: "David J. Rhode" <>

>Hello. As most of you are probably aware by now, my personal fixation in
>Japanese mecha-related stuff are Zoids, a series of motorized model-like toys
>produced by Tomy.
>Tomy announced that it is going to be producing a new line of Zoids a
couple of
>weeks ago. As far as I know, these are only being released in Japan
>it would be nice if they'd export them to the States again...).
>Hobbylink Japan has indicated that it is not interested in carrying Zoids,
>probably because they are more toys than serious models.
>What I was wondering is, do any of you happen to know of any other reliable
>companies or other sources that can acquire and ship stuff from Japan? I
>love to get my hands on some brand-new Zoids, and there are other Zoids
>afficianados besides myself who could also benefit from such information.

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