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>>>>Two new Gundam Singles collections have just been produced. The first
>>>>covers 1988 to 1995 -- I can't find Eddie's post on this, but as I recall
>>>>it was songs from CCA, 0080, F91, 0083, V and G --
>>>CCA ("Beyond the Time" by TM Network) was the last track on Part I, not
>>>Part II (the "first" one you are referring to).
>>The original Gundam Singles History, which is the one I have, came out in
>>1987 and ends with the OP/ED from Gundam ZZ. If the CCA song is now on the
>>first Singles collection, it was added to the reissue -- a bonus track!
>My bad, memory was playing trick on me - Beyond the Time wasn't on the
>first Singles History CD. I do remember hearing it on some other CD (not
>CCA OST or Gundam Odyssey) though...

Those are the only two CDs on which I've seen it, so if there's a third
instance it's not in my collection.

It's worth noting that Gundam Odyssey is also a King/Star Child release
(KICA-57~58), so the fact that CCA was an Epic/Sony release doesn't seem to
be a factor. Still, none of the Gundam Singles History CDs has it or any
of the themes from 0083, which was a Victor release.


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