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> The RickDom in 0079 looked identical to the Dom. The only difference is
> that the Dom hovers and the RickDoms have verniers that's visibily
> but you won't see them unless you are standing below it. The MG Dom
> actually puts verniers in its skirts and leg armor, so I dunno how they'd
> make the MG RickDom, if there will be one, different.

According to HJ#8, page 85. Katoki Hajime's Preliminary design, he put on
Rick Dom II (0080) Back Pack & Propellant Tank....with minor change on the
foot sole

....By this design...I think BANDAI will sell MG Rick Dom around 4,500 -
5,000 yen (unless they will cut some Weapons off and sell at the same
price!!! urrrrrgh)


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