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Well, according to Mediaworks' Gundam Models Perfect Catalog Ver 1.0
the release dates for the MGs are:

MS-06F/J Zaku II - oct/1995
MS-06S Char's Zaku II - oct/1995
MS-06R-1 Shin Matsunage Type - June/1996
MS-06R-2 Johnny Ridden Type - June/1996
MS-06F/J Crystal type - oct/1996
MS-06S Crystal type - oct/1996
MS-14S Char's Gelgoog dec/1996
MS-14B/C Gelgoog Cannon/High Mobility Gelgoog Mar/1997
MS-14A Gelgoog Mass production type - sept/1997

Of course the Newer 2 MS-05 Zaku I and Black Tri-Star MS-06R-1A came about
the same time

> > Sure, an Rick-Dom II or some type of variation may be in the works..
> >But I don't think we'd see a variation surface so soon.. I've only been
> into
> >these kits for about.. A year now, [30 something Gundam kits in a year, I
> >wonder if that's good or bad..] and I'm looking for someone who's been
> >keeping up with MG's for the start to answer this next one.. So if you
> >the answer to the question, lemme hear an answer.. How much of a time
> >interval came between minor variations? Like.. A Mass Production Gelgoog,
> >Char's Gelgoog and a Gelgoog Cannon? Char's Zaku and a Mass Production
> >You know what I mean.. Maybe with those figures in mind, we could figure
> out
> >a ballpark figure of how long it'll take for a Dom variant to surface.
> >hoping soon, but then again.. Look how long it took 'em to do a Zaku I.
> >*shrugs*

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