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> this is the reason why I'm waiting a bit before buying the durn
> thing...what if they have an RDII in the works? or even worse, the 0080
> version? ARGH! MOre money! which would suit Bandai just fine of course.

        Sure, an Rick-Dom II or some type of variation may be in the works..
But I don't think we'd see a variation surface so soon.. I've only been into
these kits for about.. A year now, [30 something Gundam kits in a year, I
wonder if that's good or bad..] and I'm looking for someone who's been
keeping up with MG's for the start to answer this next one.. So if you know
the answer to the question, lemme hear an answer.. How much of a time
interval came between minor variations? Like.. A Mass Production Gelgoog,
Char's Gelgoog and a Gelgoog Cannon? Char's Zaku and a Mass Production Zaku?
You know what I mean.. Maybe with those figures in mind, we could figure out
a ballpark figure of how long it'll take for a Dom variant to surface. I'm
hoping soon, but then again.. Look how long it took 'em to do a Zaku I.

        ~Gokou.. Three posts in a day, my all-time high!
                *wondering if countless days of lurking has made him a
smarter fella..*

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