James Boren (jboren@earthlink.net)
Sun, 25 Jul 1999 22:13:35 -0700

>At 22:06 250799 -0400, you wrote:
>>i don't know about you guys.. but i just saw the MG Dom.. and boy was
>>it UGLY!
>>actually i was exepecting it to be proportioned more like the 0080 ova
>>rick-dom kit.. now THAT was a cool dom :)
> Hey, the Dom grows on you. Initally I went goo-goo over the Kampfer,
>but now I can appreciate the Dom more. =) I just hope MG also cover 0080..
>FZ, Gelgoog J, Kampfer, GM Command(o), the revised Guncannon, NT-1, the
>whole lot. =)

The O8th MS redesign Dom has some subtle changes on the MG Dom, but I think
it is my favorite version. BTW, what would they need to do to make it into
a Rick Dom? Add fuel tanks, maybe some more verniers?

Oh, and a question for those who have the kit. What is the symbol on the
cover of the instruction manual? Is that the Black tri-stars personal
emblem? It's not the Zion symbol.


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