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> i don't know about you guys.. but i just saw the MG Dom.. and boy was
> it UGLY!

        O_o;; UGLY? I know we're all entitled to our own opinion but lemme
ask you.. WHY?! I think it's a great looking kit. Inside and out. And it was
a joy to put together as well.

> i mean, i would never have gotten an MG Zaku or an MG Gelgoog if it
> looked anything like the ones circa 0079! obviously the designers have
> to have SOME level of creative license to re-interpret the classic
> designs..
> actually i was exepecting it to be proportioned more like the 0080 ova
> rick-dom kit.. now THAT was a cool dom :)

        True true, the Rick-Dom kit's nice looking.. But you gotta give
credit to a classic.. Really, maybe you should purchase a Dom, build it, then
see what ya have to say! And knowing Bandai, they'll make about a few Dom
variations anyway. *keeping his fingers crossed*


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