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>oookay...the realization just hit me (doh!). bandai phases out entire
>series of kits just to move on to the next? i always thought the stores
>only had what the current rage is. g-wing, gundam x and some v gundams are
>still pretty available (so far). turn a gundams are starting to show up.

        Not really, I'm sure they reissue some kits which have sold well. or
which are about to be linked up with some new series like in the case of

>erhm...i don't think i wanna horde kits whose designs don't appeal to me :)
>i'll leave the batman deathscythe (metal or no) to someone who'll like it.

        That's an acceptable policy...although Zakus are my weakpoint...anything!
I actually regret not getting an old zaku minelayer kit.

>i'm currently eyeing the MG GP01fb, a MG zeta gundam and some SF91 kits
>(richie, those are the ones in 'special toys center' in virramall). any
>suggestions? (don't anyone say "all of them". :P in the long run, i might
>eventually get 'em all...but not in one pop.)

        Hmmmm...If i were you, think of it this way: the Gp01fb is the best in
body design and kit assembly, but has not much accesories, while the Zeta
is incredible but fragile, and the SF91 kits available there are , well,

>no kidding. it's nice to look at, but can't be serious. for all it's
>weapons, it may as well be a robotech destroid (excalibur, and the MAC II to
>be precise). and even they weren't as unfeasibly packed as the heavyarms.
>which raises a curious point -- if all the heavyarms' point is to be a
>walking big gun, why is even a humanoid mobile suit? as for missile
>placements, i prefer the super-armor battloid's placements. (well, at least
>the EW heavyarms lost the army knife :P)

        Hmmmmm...It's the Gundam Philosophy, I think. but it's true...I wouldn't
go for a humanoid form in the case of heavy arms..I'd prefer a tracked or a
quadruped form.

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