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>>Two new Gundam Singles collections have just been produced. The first
>>covers 1988 to 1995 -- I can't find Eddie's post on this, but as I recall
>>it was songs from CCA, 0080, F91, 0083, V and G --
>CCA ("Beyond the Time" by TM Network) was the last track on Part I, not
>Part II (the "first" one you are referring to).

The original Gundam Singles History, which is the one I have, came out in
1987 and ends with the OP/ED from Gundam ZZ. If the CCA song is now on the
first Singles collection, it was added to the reissue -- a bonus track!

>>and the second 1995 to
>>1999 -- presumably Wing, 08th MS Team, X, Endless Waltz and Turn A,
>>possibly G Saviour and the computer games.
>Wrong again... read my previous post. It contains Wing, X, and 08th MS Team
>(note that songs from the EW and 08th MST movies were included as well).
>That leaves 0083 as the only series to be left out.

As noted above, I didn't have you post and was working from memory. I
missed any reference to CCA being on the reissued Singles History I and it
looked like a straightforward breakdown of 6 years of Gundam per CD.

I guess we can look forward to a 4th Singles History to cover Turn A and
the other new Gundam. Maybe on the 25th anniversary, eh?

>Here's tracks breakdown:
>1 0080 OP

Itsuka Sora ni Todoite (Reach The Sky) [Megumi Shiina]

>2 0080 ED

Toui Kioku (Distant Memories) [Megumi Shiina]

There was a third song fom 0080, included on the music video All That's
Gundam and the second Sound Sketch CD:

Yoake no Shooting Star (Shooting Star at Dawn) [Megumi Hayashibara]
(Christina Mackenzie)

>3 Stand up to the Victory (V OP)

[Lindbergh] -- and the ED Winners Forever [Infix] is better!

>4 Don't Stop! Carry On! (V)

[RD] -- and, once again, Mou Ichidou Tenderness [KIX-S] is better!

>5 Flying in the Sky (G OP)
>6 Trust You Forever (G)

>7 Victor's Requiem (?) (G)

Requiem For Star Junk (as in the Chinese boat)

>8 Stardust's ... (G)
>9 ? (pretty hard to translate this one...) (G)
>10 The Time I'm Seeing You (F91)
>11 Eternal Wind (F91)

>Bonus tracks (12-13) are from 0079, track 13 is Forever Amuro

The Reverberation in Gundam remixes, perhaps?

>1 Just Communication (W)
>2 Rhythm Emotion (W)
>3 Mind Education (W)

[Misty Eyes] -- this is the theme from the Blind Target drama CD.

>4 White Reflection (EW OVA)
>5 Last Impression (EW movie)

>6 Dreams (X OP)
>7 Resolution (X ED)

Both by [Romantic Mode] -- and neither the English [Warren Weibe] or
Japanese [Re-Kiss] versions of the Human Touch ED. Contract issues?

>8 (The 08th MS Team OP)

Shine In The Midst Of The Storm [Chihiro Yonekura]

>9 10 Year After (08th MST ED)
>10 Couple's Future... (?) (08th MST)

Together In The Future [Chihiro Yonekura]

>11 (?) (08th MST movie)

Eternal Door [Chihiro Yonekura]

>Bonus tracks (all from Zeta):
>12 Z kokuwo koete
>13 Z kokuwo koete (karaoke version)
>14 With Love To The Planet of Water

All three from the recent Psyche Gundam remix CD?


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