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>He goes on to state that a movie is "open entertainment", something that many
>people can watch and enjoy. "Gundam is a robot anime. There is no need to
>show someone's personal life, and it must have lots of fighting, enough to
>gather complaints from the PTA.

I had to laugh when I read this last sentence. They actually use
complaints from the censors as a measure of success in meeting their
audience's needs? "My mom hates it. She says watching it'll rot my brain
and turn me into a stone cold killer." ... "Kewl!"

> I did not forget this rule when it came to
>fight scenes, but as for the characters, Gundam is a story about evolving
>humans so the end result becomes 'denial of things', 'denial of machines =
>denial of MS'. This is the meaning of 'denial of Amuro's marriage' "

Again we see the connection between Newtype and Buddhism, with its emphasis
on enlightment through the rejection of materialism and worldliness. The
evolved human Newtype is an enlightened human, transcendent or becoming so.


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