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>In a message dated 7/24/99 1:40:26 PM, justin@briareos.demon.co.uk writes:
>>>>Okay. Still, least at now you can spend the time watching the
>>>>Gundam TV series instead... ^_^
>>>Has it been released!?! 0.o
>> Not yet, sorry. It next to come after Wing and Endless Waltz
>>from Anime Village. It was just a suggestion so you don't waste the rest
>>of your life playing those video games, young man... ^_^
>Is this true? It seems like a big chance for Aniem Village to release a 40+
>episode TV series. Well, I'll definately buy it. Hopefully Z Gundam will
>follow shortly. :)
        I think the news was mentioned on this list about a week ago,
though I don't have the original message anymore.

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