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>model kit questions:
>ok...i just finished up the endless waltz version of the gundam nataku, and
>i'm staring at it, going "doh!" (another g-wing related topic, hehe, can't
>help it, wing kits are the most available right now :P)

Better start hoarding them, especially the metal clear edition ones. Bandai
is ready to move on with Turn A and won't revisit the Wing universe until
things start to get boring with Gundam again.

>my gripe is...what kind of a redesign is this? this new kit's dragon fangs
>are even more unfeasible than the tv-series' dragon fangs -- which weren't
>cumbersome at all. the new dragon fang is...bigger than the gundam's upper

In case you haven't noticed, Katoki's redesigns for Endless Waltz are just
exactly that - mechanically unfeasible. Check out the Wing Zero Custom's
bird feathers, the D-Hell Custom's bat cape, or the H-Arms Custom's
munitions placement. None of them is mechanically feasible, but if you
think about Wing's audience...

>and it's carried on anorexic arms? in my opinion, the only g-wing
>gundam that benefitted from the EW redesign was the heavyarms.

Look at its weapons and think about where the ammo should be stored, then
think if its limbs can still move. :)

>i'm not sure
>i like the EW deatscythe, and i definitely don't like the EW nataku. the EW
>sandrock looks the same to me. the tallgeese is...uhm...well, i hate the
>way the boosters are mounted on the shoulder/pauldrons/verniers (how does it
>move it's arms without changing velocities in flight?) i definitely don't
>like the idea of weapons molded into the hands.

It's the Virtual On syndrome...

>also, i keep reading about hajime katoki's redesigns which lose the "gaudy
>toy image" of some original designs. what exactly does "gaudy toy image"
>mean? what do you people consider to be toy-ish, and what is not? this is
>one phrase i just don't get.

I think primary, bright colors is one major factor that goes into the all-
ambiguous phrase "gaudy toy image". But then again, it's not like those
EW redesigns are using Doom/Quake dark/grey colors, either.


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