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> I don't think anything is so permanent. Didn't we hear that when the new
> president at Bandai took over that he would drop stuff that didn't turn a
> good profit? And hasn't it seemed like a lot more kits have been deemed

Right! I remember that rumor/news, dire predictions were made etc etc.
(perhaps one or two came from little old me :P ) But of course things
didn't change for the worse, at least during this period.

If there's a lesson in there somewhere, it's to calm down a little. These
kind of storiess are interesting and informative, but in the end it takes
a while for these things to play out. And very often you end up with the
good (or bad) old status quo.

Perhaps we should switch our mind to some happy rumors: which and when is
the next MG, Type 100 or Gundam NT1? And what and when is the 5th HGUC

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