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> Having never actually read Beltochika's Children or Hi-Streamer and thus
> knowing them only by reputation, I can only speculate that these stories,
> which mesh a little better with the Z Gundam continuity, were Tomino's
> expression of how he'd wanted the story to play out. On the other hand,
> the novelization of the original Gundam shows that Tomino's writing for
> anime and for print differ considerably, as they are aimed at totally
> different audiences.

You're absolutely correct. I have Beltochika Children and Tomino states in
the postscript:

 "The preliminary scenario was this story, but the group of investors,
'Gundam movie project group' had many complaints. The major one being that
this story portrayed MS negatively. This was actually my intention. But
Gundam is supported by the sale of MS toys, creating a market, which provides
the investment for making the movie. The investors only naturally will
refuse a script which negated the basis for existence of an MS. ... I had to
admit to myself that I chased my own dream too much. Second complaint was
that 'we do not want to see a married Amuro in a movie'."

He goes on to state that a movie is "open entertainment", something that many
people can watch and enjoy. "Gundam is a robot anime. There is no need to
show someone's personal life, and it must have lots of fighting, enough to
gather complaints from the PTA. I did not forget this rule when it came to
fight scenes, but as for the characters, Gundam is a story about evolving
humans so the end result becomes 'denial of things', 'denial of machines =
denial of MS'. This is the meaning of 'denial of Amuro's marriage' "

"What will happen then? There will be no next Gundam. The small success
I've achieved by creating Gundam will also be denied." He goes on to state
that he gladly changed the story for the sake of success of Gundam. However,
he still wanted to write the original story he intended, and that was the
reason for writing this novel.

mirai y

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