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>Just a quick question. What exactly is the Gundam Singles History CD? What
>does it include, is it any good, anything else I should know?

Gundam Singles History (originally King K32X-7045 or Son May SM-125,
reissued on Star Child) is a collection of Gundam OP/ED songs from 1979 to
1987, as follows:

Mobile Suit Gundam
         Fly! Gundam [?]
         Forever Amuro [?]
         Here Comes Char! [?]
         Shining Lalar [Keiko Toda] (Matilda Ajane)
         Now, Take A Rest [Keiko Toda] (Matilda Ajane)
Mobile Suit Gundam I
         Cross In The Sand [Takajin Tashiki]
         Star Children [Takajin Tashiki]
Mobile Suit Gundam II: Soldiers Of Sorrow
         Soldiers Of Sorrow [Daisuke Inoue]
         Alone In The Wind [Daisuke Inoue]
Mobile Suit Gundam III: Place In The Encounter
         Beginning [Daisuke Inoue]
         Encounter [Daisuke Inoue]
Mobile Suit Z-Gundam
         Z - Beyond The Time [Maya Ayukawa]
         Believe In The Starry Sky [Maya Ayukawa]
         Silvery Dress [Hiroko Moriguchi]
         To The Planet Of Water, With Love [Hiroko Moriguchi]
Mobile Suit ZZ-Gundam
         Anime Ja Nai (It's Not Anime) [Masato Arai]
         The Era Is Weeping [Masato Arai]
         Silent Voice [Jun Hiroe]
         10,000,000 Year Galaxy [Jun Hiroe]

(Folks, feel free to jump in with corrections and replacements for the ?)

If you like "classic" Gundam themes, this is THE Gundam collection to get.

Two new Gundam Singles collections have just been produced. The first
covers 1988 to 1995 -- I can't find Eddie's post on this, but as I recall
it was songs from CCA, 0080, F91, 0083, V and G -- and the second 1995 to
1999 -- presumably Wing, 08th MS Team, X, Endless Waltz and Turn A,
possibly G Saviour and the computer games. I'll know and post more when I
get them, which should be sometime early next week.


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