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> But we are not. We're benefitting from Internet-based direct order
> businesses
> which is passing some of the savings onto consumers. Charging more for
> edition kits simply doesn't make any sense - the R&D was already paid for
> when the kit is released in Japan, and they sure factor other costs such as
> packaging, marketing, etc. when pricing a kit. The only plausible
> explanation is economy of scale, but the U.S. has a bigger population, and
> if you want to stock all the Toys R Us and KB's, we're not talking beans
> peas here either.

Um, I don't see Bandai chargeing more for US versions, either. If anything,
they maybe be a little cheaper, considering that don't the Japanese have to
pay more for CD's and other things, then we do? If they do charge more, it
shouldn't be more then $2-$10 more.


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