Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Sat, 24 Jul 1999 18:47:58 -0700

>My concern is that...Is this for the better...or for worse.

Only time will tell. Now, it'd be really naive to think that Bandai of
America is doing this to please the fans - they saw the dollar signs, and
decided they want a piece of the action too. If they cared about us U.S.
Gundam fans at all, just ask yourself what have they been doing for the last
15 years. The best thing they pulled off were the GoDaiKin toys. Then came
the dark ages of Power Ranger and sub-standard toys... now with Pokemon at
least we are not getting hand-me-down toys from a decade ago on U.S. toy
store shelves.

>Now, everything is commercialized. Each company is trying to pay top
>dollars to own the rights to this, own the rights to that... so that in the
>long run, we are still paying just at much on some of the anime related

But we are not. We're benefitting from Internet-based direct order businesses
which is passing some of the savings onto consumers. Charging more for U.S.
edition kits simply doesn't make any sense - the R&D was already paid for
when the kit is released in Japan, and they sure factor other costs such as
packaging, marketing, etc. when pricing a kit. The only plausible
explanation is economy of scale, but the U.S. has a bigger population, and
if you want to stock all the Toys R Us and KB's, we're not talking beans and
peas here either.

>For me, the golden age of Gundam anime seems to be fading fast. I have
>always been a UC fan and the rest of it had never really been my cup of tea.

That's why they're keeping OYW alive with MG and HGUC kits...

>I am a model builder first, anime dude second. And now, with the rumor that
>Bandai may be releasing the stuff here and all the legal stuff that Ed was
>mentioning a couple of days ago... I just wonder if commercializing Gundam
>is for the better.

Gundam's been commercialized since the early 80s... it's only a matter of

>I sound like a grumpy old fart... sorry. Just my opinion.
>Gus Jae

I thought you were in Southeast Asia... didn't Alex meet you like a year
ago? Did you just go back for vacation, or am I confusing you with someone


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