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> Are you kidding? Who stands to lose more? Gundam is Bandai's cash cow,
> Hell will freeze over before they drop Gundam altogether. >>
> I don't think anything is so permanent. Didn't we hear that when the new
> president at Bandai took over that he would drop stuff that didn't turn a
> good profit? And hasn't it seemed like a lot more kits have been deemed
> unsuccessful then successful? Weren't we all paranoid that Gundam might
> sucked away then? just a thought...

I don't think he meant the Gundam is permanet, but I think he meant as long
as Gundam makes money for Bandai, Bandai is here to stay. Yes, the new Bandai
President said that he would drop stuff that didn't turn a good profit, but
from what I gathered, he would at least give stuff a chance to make money
before dropping it. Gundam is still here for awhile, look at all the Turn A
kits that are out or coming soon, the new HG UG line, the Chogokin Gundam,
the new action figures. I don't think Bandai would be making all those
goodies, if Gundam didn't make Bandai money, this stuff wouldn't be made.


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