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My concern is that...Is this for the better...or for worse.
I have been an anime fan for a while now. Grew up in HK and came to the
states in '82. Back then, there was not much anime except for Star Blazers
and Force Five min the States, which was not referred to as Anime at all.
Then in the late 80's I discover an Anime club here in Boston which held
monthly showings at UMass. Back then everything was fan subbed or just
plain Japanese. Some guy sold copies of bootleg tapes from his LD
collection dirt cheap and that's how I got my fix. Paid top dollars for any
kits I could get my hands on. I still remember, $20+ for the 1/144 Sazabi,
and back then, well worth it(Talk about young and stupid).
Now, everything is commercialized. Each company is trying to pay top
dollars to own the rights to this, own the rights to that... so that in the
long run, we are still paying just at much on some of the anime related
For me, the golden age of Gundam anime seems to be fading fast. I have
always been a UC fan and the rest of it had never really been my cup of tea.
I am a model builder first, anime dude second. And now, with the rumor that
Bandai may be releasing the stuff here and all the legal stuff that Ed was
mentioning a couple of days ago... I just wonder if commercializing Gundam
is for the better.
I sound like a grumpy old fart... sorry. Just my opinion.

Gus Jae
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> While I was flipping through channels this morning I saw it. During or
> before UPN's saturday morning cartoon block(I didn't wait around to find
> out), there was a commercial from Bandai Entertainment for Gundam 0083.
> commercial was low budget, probably just one of the Japanese commercials
> dubbed over in poor-audio-quality English. Nonetheless, by releasing a
> commercial on a national syndication network like UPN, Bandai has stopped
> being passive about entering the American market(before now, Gundam
> products had received little or no marketing at all). We're likely to see
> commercials on Scifi, the Cartoon Network, Fox Family, etc. Bandai's no
> longer *preparing* to market Gundam in the U.S., they've really started.
> I don't know about the other Americans on the list, but I've been waiting
> for this for eighteen years.
> tabby
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