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I've had some requests to translate Duo's background story in the Endless
Waltz novel, so here it is! (It's just a summary, because the story was
really long)

Duo's past up to age 7 is unknown. He appeared to be a war orphan.
In A.C. 187, he appeared on V08744 colony at L2. It was a very poor colony,
probably due to the fact that there were immigrants there from all over
earth. They had difficulty organizing the colony due to differences in both
language and thinking. Eventually, the poverty lead to this colony becoming
very rebellious and anti-Federation. Because of all the fighting in the
past, there were many abandoned, broken buildings there as well as many war

Duo, who at the time had no name was not born on this colony but somehow
managed to drift there. There he found a group of orphans, lead by a kid
named Solo who was dying of a virus. Although a vaccine was available, no
one was willing to give it to a bunch of homeless orphans. Feeling badly for
them, Duo sneaks into a hospital and stole enough vaccine for all the kids,
but didn't have enough for himself. It was too late for Solo but before he
died, solo told Duo "you're the nicest guy... I wanted to stay with you
longer" Duo replied "Don't be stupid... you shouldn't give up" Solo said "I
see 'death'" Duo- "I don't see it" Solo-"Even after I die, I'll always be
with you.. so be nice" Duo-" Fine.. if Solo's with me, we'll be Duo" And
Solo died. Duo realized then that there was no vaccine left for himself, but
he didn't mind if he died. He only thought "I'll die too, because we're Duo"
 Miraculously, he didn't get sick, and thought that maybe Solo had protected
him. He adopted the name Duo after that, and decided to stay on as the
leader of this group.

One day, out of anger and irritation at the Federation, he decides to lead
the kids into the Federation base to steal food. They get caught, and
although they all escape, the people of the colony were tired of the kids and
tore down the abandoned building they lived in. All the kids were taken in
by Maxwell Church. At the church, all the kids were given new clothes (black
priest clothes). A kind Sister named Helen tried to cut his long hair but
Duo absolutely refused. She decides to braid his hair instead for neatness'
sake, and Duo really came to like this hairstyle. He said to her "This won't
get in the way when I go steal stuff"

Duo and the kids were then sent to a school ran by the Federation for
children of people in the military. They accepted kids from the colony
mainly for brainwashing them so that they are more obedient to them. The
Federation kids were not nice to the poor kids from the colony, so Duo was
constantly getting into fights with them. Despite his circumstances, he was
the top student in his class, which irritated the other kids even more.
Since he never studied, he seemed to accomplish this purely with his good
instincts and talent. All the other kids found adoptive homes, but Duo
always ended up being kicked out of every home within a day.

(Here comes the sad part... ;_;) One day, Duo gets into a fight with 5 kids,
all sons of Federation officers and puts them in a hospital. Duo was about
to be expelled from school. When Sister Helen asks about this, Duo replied
that they told him he smells like the sewer. Water was a very scarce
resource on the colony, and the poor were only given enough to drink. They
were lucky to be able to wash their clothes once a month, using collected
rainwater. Helen, feeling very badly for him, hugged little Duo. Told him
he does not smell, and they will collect the snow today and do the wash. Duo
very happily goes and collects snow from the roof. Elderly priest came back
in the snow, and said that he was apologizing at the school. Duo says
"gomen" to him, and he says to Duo "It's OK, if they just want me to
apologize, I'll be happy to do it. Go back to school tomorrow, and work hard
on your studies." The elderly priest and Sister Helen were the first people
who taught Duo the warmth of a "family". He stayed with them for a year,
unusual for a drifter like him.

The following year, there was another uprising in the colony. It became a
battlefield again. Many wounded were brought to the church. Duo was happy
about no longer having to go to school, but was upset both about the war and
the resistance fighters who used the church as their base. One of the
leaders insist that they must have at least one MS. When the elderly priest
brings up peace and the former leader Heero Yuy, they punch him out with a
rifle. They start accusing Duo of being a spy for the Federation, since he
was seen in and around the Federation base before. He tells them that he
will steal them one if they promise to leave the church, because the church
is a place of peace. When they accuse him of bluffing, he tells them "I
might run and hide, but I don't lie like you do"

Duo ran through the streets to the base, where he knew the layout very well.
He was determined not to mess up like the last time he went in to steal food.
 He ran through the gunfire and jumped into a truck with a Leo, and drove
back to the church. By the time he arrived, the church had been destroyed.
He heard a weak voice of Sister Helen from the rubbles. She says to Duo
"Duo, I'm glad you're safe. Father was worried about you until the end..."
Sister Helen was still worrying about him, which made him extremely sad. He
held back his tears, put on a smile and said "I'll get a doctor right away"
 Sister Helen kept talking, "The Federation forces attacked us, but we cannot
leave this place" Duo replied "It's my fault. Because I stole that MS"
Helen's eyes were still trying to focus on Duo and said "Father tried to talk
about peace to everyone until the end". She touched his cheek with trembling
fingers and said "May God protect you..." and her finger fell. She had a
peaceful smile on her face. Duo screamed, and cried. He will never be able
to feel her warmth, of hear her beautiful singing. It was the first time he
cried over anyone's death.

That day, 245 people died at the Maxwell Church, including many innocent
bystanders. The incident came to be known as "Maxwell Church Tragedy" It's
unknown where Duo went for several years after this incident.

There'll be more on how Duo met Prof. G on a later update!


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