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> 1. Who is Amuro's real lover ?
> 2. is it really that Chan Agi have Amuro's baby at her stomach?
> 3. Where is bestochika after Z ?
> 4. What connection between bestochika and Hi Nu gundam?
> that's my question after watch CCA ^_^
> Alex

Difficult question, because Tomino wrote a novel of CCA titled "Char's
Counterattack: Beltochika Children" through Kadokawa. In this novel,
Beltochika and Amuro are living together, and Beltochika becomes pregnant
with his child. Tomino says in the commentary in the back that this was the
original story he wanted to use, but it got shot down by the powers-that-be.
(Unmarried couple living together and getting pregnant *gasp* is not a good
way to sell toys.) He also wrote another novelization of CCA which followed
the storyline of the movie, so there are two versions out there.

I'll leave the rest of the answers to someone else, because I haven't seen
CCA for a while, and now that I read that novel, I'm confusing the two

mirai yashima
 -The "New Type" Shufu

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