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Sat, 24 Jul 1999 11:30:23 -0700

Yeah hehehe, maybe I should email Bandai Entertainment to market
GundamCraft so it would be part of the campaign. ^_^

>While I was flipping through channels this morning I saw it. During or just
>before UPN's saturday morning cartoon block(I didn't wait around to find
>out), there was a commercial from Bandai Entertainment for Gundam 0083. The
>commercial was low budget, probably just one of the Japanese commercials
>dubbed over in poor-audio-quality English. Nonetheless, by releasing a
>commercial on a national syndication network like UPN, Bandai has stopped
>being passive about entering the American market(before now, Gundam
>products had received little or no marketing at all). We're likely to see
>commercials on Scifi, the Cartoon Network, Fox Family, etc. Bandai's no
>longer *preparing* to market Gundam in the U.S., they've really started.
>I don't know about the other Americans on the list, but I've been waiting
>for this for eighteen years.
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