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Sat, 24 Jul 1999 23:17:27 -0700

While I was flipping through channels this morning I saw it. During or just
before UPN's saturday morning cartoon block(I didn't wait around to find
out), there was a commercial from Bandai Entertainment for Gundam 0083. The
commercial was low budget, probably just one of the Japanese commercials
dubbed over in poor-audio-quality English. Nonetheless, by releasing a
commercial on a national syndication network like UPN, Bandai has stopped
being passive about entering the American market(before now, Gundam
products had received little or no marketing at all). We're likely to see
commercials on Scifi, the Cartoon Network, Fox Family, etc. Bandai's no
longer *preparing* to market Gundam in the U.S., they've really started.

I don't know about the other Americans on the list, but I've been waiting
for this for eighteen years.


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