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>>>...after playing way too much AC:MOA and the dire Frame Gride I have
>>>decided to grace the GML with my presence yet again...
>>I thought things had been too quiet round here...! ^_^
>At least I play *proper* games Justin :P

        Probably not the best time to admit that the last game I bought
was Bubble Bobble... ^_^ (waiting for FFVIII does strange things to your
mind... ^_^)
>>>Basically I need to know whether a "ZZ Gundam" PSX game actually exists at
>>>the moment?
>>But if we tell you, won't you disappear in a ZZ playing frenzy
>>again? ^_^
>To be honest, the Bandai PSX 3D Gundam games have all been rather naff. I was
>just interested to see if someone had got their facts right (which they
        Okay. Still, least at now you can spend the time watching the
Gundam TV series instead... ^_^

>...the only games I play are "Armored Core" and "Virtual On". That is more than
>enough to keep me occupied ^_-
        I haven't been playing games too much lately, been occupied with
other things. Will get back round to it eventually (if only so I can
finally complete Xenogears...! ^_^)
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