Oliver Barder (barder@btinternet.com)
Sat, 24 Jul 1999 10:50:43 +0100

>>...after playing way too much AC:MOA and the dire Frame Gride I have
>>decided to grace the GML with my presence yet again...
>>Basically I need to know whether a "ZZ Gundam" PSX game actually exists at
>>the moment?
>None that I am aware of. The next Gundam game will come out on the Sega
>Dreamcast, it's a 0079/One Year War sidestory called "Gundam Gaiden:
>Rise from the Ashes", I think a new GM is the central mecha this time, just
>like Blue Destiny. Gameplay is basically like Blue Destiny, 3D, 1st person
>MS "simulation" (more like an action game/3D shooter).

Seen stuff about this, looks to be rather good...

>The next Gundam game to come out on the PSX should be a sequel of sorts to
>SD Gundam G Generation, called "SD Gundam G Generation Zero". Bandai has
>already released 19 SD Gundam kits under this series and I just put up
>Amuro's Zeta Plus A-1 on eBay at:
>These kits are basically reissues of the 19 classic SD Gundams (non-musha,
>strictly UC-style SD Gundam) in new box arts and come with extra parts, most
>of them now come with extra accessories (check out what the Kampfer comes
>with... or the # of missiles you get with the SD GunCannon!). It's worth
>noting that a SD Turn-A Gundam will be in this game too.


>>BTW I liked Eddie's "Flying Penis" thread, most
>>certainly...er...entertaining! ^_-
>Hehehehe, beats coming down on people with a superiority complex. ;)


BTW did you check out "Master of Arena" eventually?


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