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> Now now now, doesn't anyone here on the mailing list know that Mattel and
> Bandai have reached an alliance to help distribute each others' product?
> With Mattel and Bandai together, their products will be widely distributed
> around the world. Not to mention the US, being such a big market.

I didn't know this. I doubt Bandai will charge more then a few dollars for
the US Gundam kits, since it would be dumb to over charge, since some people
who could get hooked on Gundam, from the possiable US launch, could get fed
up with the kits expenisve price, and start looking for the kits cheaper, and
if these people find HLJ and Rainbow 10, they could spread the word, and more
people could stop buying the US versions and buy the cheaper Japanese
versions of the kits. Bandai wants money, may be greedy, but they aren't
dumb. I don't see Bandai dropping Gundam for a lot more years, since its a
huge cash cow for them, and always does well. Gundam will be around for a
heck of a long time, espically since Gundam is being released in amercia on
video tape, for the first time in the 20 years since Gundam has been around.
Since Gundam has lasted 20 years, Gundam still has a long life ahead of it.
Long Live Gundam!!! :)


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