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> Miharu Zavi, born circa UC 0062, age 17 in UC 0079.
> ...Whatever happened to her, do you think? She
> would've had to have been killed during the Gundam
> series for Minerva Zavi to inherit the mantle in
> all of the subsequent series. Did Char kill her or
> arrange for her to be killed, as he did Garma, or
> Amuro kill her?

> What a pity that most of us have never heard of her
> before ... or since.

I know this is unrelated to what you're discussing,
but in "0079" there's a civilian character called
Miharu Ratokie, who was a Zeon spy in order to take
care of her 2 kid siblings, and she befriended Kai
Shinden to get the inside scoop of the White Base
while it was docked in Northern Ireland. As a Zeon
spy, her code number is "1-0-7".

A good way to recycle the unused juicy bits to create
a new character.

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