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>The original message said "a second daughter who is 3 yrs. younger than
>Garma, who was never mentioned in the series."
>not 3 years old
>so if Miharu is 3 years Younger than Garma then it would make sense
>> If there was a second daughter, younger than Garma, one would expect her to
>> be born circa UC 0063, which would make her 16, not 3, in UC 0079. And,

Boy, when I misread something, I really misread it. I could've sworn it
said "a second daughter after Garma, 3 years old, who was never mentioned
in the series."

All righty, then. Where does that leave us?

Miharu Zavi, born circa UC 0062, age 17 in UC 0079.

That makes her the same age as Artesia Som Daikun (AKA Sayla Mass) and Kai
Shiden in the original series, Nina Purpleton in Gundam 0080, Paptimus
Scirocco in Z Gundam and Kiki Logita in 08th MS Team.

Whatever happened to her, do you think? She would've had to have been
killed during the Gundam series for Minerva Zavi to inherit the mantle in
all of the subsequent series. Did Char kill her or arrange for her to be
killed, as he did Garma, or did Amuro kill her?

Picture this: Miharu Zavi as the pilot of the Elmeth, meeting minds with
Amuro a la Romeo and Juliet. That would, of course, imply Newtype powers
in the Zavi family, but that would also explain the shadowy image that
Amuro perceived when Dozul attacked. It would also put Char in an awkward
position if he was mentor (and attracted in spite of himself) to one he was
sworn to kill, along with the rest of her family.

What a pity that most of us have never heard of her before ... or since.


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