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>> Actually, there were *five* Zavi children:
>> Giren Zavi, born circa UC 0044 (35 in UC 0079)
>> Sasuro Zavi, born circa UC 0047 (assassinated UC 0069.08.15 at age 22)
>> Dozul Zavi, born circa UC 0051 (28 in UC 0079)
>> Kishiria Zavi, born circa UC 0055 (24 in UC 0079)
>> Garma Zavi, born circa UC 0059 (20 in UC 0079)
>Where was Sasuro Zavi mentioned, and was he ever in any of the series? I'm
>just curious because I was told that he is the "missing" second son, and was
>added later to fill in the gap. I have the "Gundam Kiroku Zenshu" (all 5
>volumes plus the complete script!) published by Nippon Sunrise in 1979, and
>this book has no mention of Sasuro. However, there is a Miharu Zavi in the
>original plans, a second daughter who is 3 yrs. younger than Garma, who was
>never mentioned in the series.

I'm not sure when Sasuro first entered the picture -- Mark or Kim might
have the answer to that -- but his assassination and the subsequent purge
has been part of the timelines as far back as I've known. It was a key
event, providing the justification for eliminating all of the remaining
Daikun supporters, and, given Giren's mindset, raising a suspicion that
Giren killed two birds with one stone by having Sasuro assassinated for
reasons of his own.

A three-year-old daughter would throw a real kink into the chronology,
because it would [a] violate the spacing of the Zavi children, [b] imply a
living wife of Degin as recently as UC 0076 and [c] create royal havoc with
the line of succession and invalidate both Minerva Zavi's claim to the
throne and Hamaan Khan's regency, both vital plot points in the Z and ZZ

If there was a second daughter, younger than Garma, one would expect her to
be born circa UC 0063, which would make her 16, not 3, in UC 0079. And,
although it's never been explicated, I always had the impression that
Degin's wife died sometime between Garma's birth (circa UC 0058) and
Daikun's death (UC 0068). Indeed, one gets the feeling that the whole
Archduke idea was Giren's and that Degin might not have gone along with it
had his wife lived to provide him a moral compass.

Is it possible that Miharu Zavi is Degin's granddaughter, an elder sister
or cousin to Dozul's daughter Minerva? Or is she Degin's daughter by
another woman entirely, a second wife or concubine or mistress, as one
might expect of an Archduke? (If so, she may not have been in the line of
succession like his other five children and thus no problem for Hamaan)


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