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> Actually, there were *five* Zavi children:
> Giren Zavi, born circa UC 0044 (35 in UC 0079)
> Sasuro Zavi, born circa UC 0047 (assassinated UC 0069.08.15 at age 22)
> Dozul Zavi, born circa UC 0051 (28 in UC 0079)
> Kishiria Zavi, born circa UC 0055 (24 in UC 0079)
> Garma Zavi, born circa UC 0059 (20 in UC 0079)

Where was Sasuro Zavi mentioned, and was he ever in any of the series? I'm
just curious because I was told that he is the "missing" second son, and was
added later to fill in the gap. I have the "Gundam Kiroku Zenshu" (all 5
volumes plus the complete script!) published by Nippon Sunrise in 1979, and
this book has no mention of Sasuro. However, there is a Miharu Zavi in the
original plans, a second daughter who is 3 yrs. younger than Garma, who was
never mentioned in the series.

mirai y

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