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On Sat, 24 Jul 1999, Tabby wrote:
> Second, the U.S. is not the only market HLJ or R-10 reach. Sure there are a
> enough American Gundam fans to market to them, but the number of

Very true, but Bandai could twist their arms until they agree (or at least
promise) not to export to the US alone.

> many of *us* started, after all), and there will still be a
> mail-order/e-commerce market for hard-core fans like us. Besides,

Yes your scenario is very likely, for one thing, the American edition kits
will have a lag time behind the Japanese (global? ;) edition kits. Can
you imagine Bandai USA tranlating and printing the English instruction and
box art for all the HG and MG kits within a year or two?

But we could all be barking up the wrong tree. For all the other shows,
model kits are the tinyest of the whole merchandizing picture. If Bandai
USA is half smart, they would be pumping out Gundam mugs, stickers, lunch
boxes, pencil cases, yo-yos, beach towels and of course action figures!
Hmmm I wonder if those US-style action figures (Gundam-in-action?) were
developed in preparation for the N American invasion? Hope they don't put
Garma Zabi in charge :)

Speaking of which, I would buy a Mirai figure.

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