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>>> er...seriously now, is this a universal century only mailing list?
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>>You have good point. I love G and X Gundam just as much as I love the
>>Original Gundam and all of the UC shows. Hell, I even like the few episodes
>>of Wing that I saw. As far as I'm concerned, I enjoy to whole Gundam
>>experience. Why limit yourself to just a niche when the world of Gundam is
>>much bigger?
>I think this mailing list is called 'GUNDAM Mailing List', which probably
>mean that it deals with ALL Gundam series...

And so it does. In so doing, however, it deals with them proportionately
and the preponderance of the Gundam saga is set in the Universal Century
timeline. Indeed, for 15 of the 20 years that Gundam has existed, the UC
timeline was all there was. So it follows that there's three times as much
UC Gundam to talk about than there is any other component.

Consider, too, that the UC timeline covers some 153 years (233, if you
count the upcoming G Saviour) with the action beginning 79 years in (68, if
you count the secession of Zeon as the historical turning point). Although
the starting point is debatable, at least a half-century between the
present time and the start of the UC timeline. The technology is a
straightforward extension of that which existed in the 1970s, including the
O'Neill "High Frontier" space colonization concept.

The Future Century timeline of G Gundam covers only 60 years, with the
action beginning within the last decade, and has no apparent connection to
our time.

The After Colony timeline of Gundam Wing covers 196 years, with the action
beginning 16 years before (21, if you count the assassination of colonial
leader Heero Yuy as the kickoff). This, too, is a completely different
universe with no appatrent connection to our time. It's also pretty much a
dead end.

The After War timeline of Gundam X covers a mere 15 years, with the action
beginning with the 7th Space War 15 years earlier. Again, there's nothing
to really connect this series to the present day in any meaningful way,
although it could more easily be seen as the far future of the UC. This
may be clarified in Turn A, when all is later revealed.

The nameless calendar of Turn A is shaping up to be the true future of the
UC, but we still don't know the starting point. Did they revert to the AD
calendar, start a new one at some as-yet unspecified UC date (presumably
after UC 0233) or is this UC 2345, with the UC designation forgotten? Stay

To put this in perspective, compare Star Trek. For a long time, all there
was to talk about was Kirk, Spock and McCoy. Then came Next Generation and
it was still mostly Classic Trek. Now we have Deep Space Nine and Voyager,
with some rumors about Starfleet Academy, but when most people thing of
Star Trek, the first reaction is still "Beam Me Up, Scotty!"

I have no doubt that, in the not-too-distant future, we'll have more Gundam
Wing or Turn A fans the UC fans -- there will be a larger number of fans
whose first exposure to Gundam was one of the more recent offerings, who
know the old shows onky by reputation and the substantial amount of
merchandise to be found almost everywhere they look. But, like Classic
Trek, there'll be a significant number of old-timers and, unlike Trek, new
fans who discovered Gundam through a UC retcon like 08th MS Team or 0083.

Like it or not, the UC timeline is here to stay until Sunrise, Bandai and
the Sotsu Agency decide to abandon it. And, so long as the UC timeline is
purveyed by that triumvirate, it will continue to constitute the bulk of
the Gundam saga and command a proportionately large share of this ML's


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