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>> I know the Turn-A series still have a long way to
>> go and it's too early at this moment to make any
>> kind of conclusion out of it, but from what I have
>> watched so far (and still watching), I am
>> disappointed with Tomino the writer and this new
>> series called "Turn-A Gundam".

> Now that is a good way to voice out why one doesn't
> like Turn A. Good Question though: Does it mean
> story wise the Turn A series really isn't up to par
> with the old UC stuff? That really would be a
> shame. The MS's are really good, IMHO.

Like all other Tomino-written UC Gundam series,
"Turn-A" bears a distinctive trademark of an
adolescent MS pilot fight for justice and peace, but
new viewers and long-time fans alike grew tired of
this trend, especially with the 13-yr old Usso Ervin
in "V-Gundam". I understand the young boy/girl theme
is enomously popular among Japanese anime fans, but by
this time Gundam series need some changes and the
success of UC Gundam OVAs is evident that fans demands
something different: In "0080" it's a war viewed from
the eyes of a civilian little kid, and in "The 08th MS
Team" the Gundam pilots are no longer THE hero of the
show, just regular soldiers who are fulfilling their
duties, with military code of honours in mind. These
are fresh breath of air from the repeated formula that
was tried and rehashed by Tomino for almost two
decades. As a Gundam fan - not a diehard UC or AC fan
but someone who admire Tomino's work & philosophy
behind Gundam - I was wishing some kind of change like
the OVAs did. As "Turn-A" series is now unfolding, it
is evident that this is a new bottle containing the
same old wine: the time, the historics, and the
situation may be entirely new to us, but Tomino plays
it safe by sticking with the same old formula. It's
like "Friday the 13th" spins into countless sequels,
and I feel disappointed by "Turn-A" for this reason.

As for the MS design, I liked what Syd Mead view on
previous Gundams and what he did to Turn-A, as he told
in "Newtype" mag's interview:

(thanks to someone who posted the above link to this
ML not long ago for all of us)

as well as Moonrace's mechas. As for the digged up
'ancient' UC mechas, it has to look better than what
we saw from 0079, ZZ, and other old TV series due to
the advance of today's illu'n techologies. I used to
ignore the Kapool in "ZZ Gundam" TV series because it
appeared only in one episode, & it was sloppily
presented at that time despite that it's an
interesting amphibious MS. "Turn-A" finally did those
long-forgotten mechas some justice (the Zaku II & Zaku
I look just as good, too)

"你會看到時代的眼淚" ("You shall withness the tears of an era.")
Shuichi Ikeda (Char Aznable's voice actor),
Mobile Suit Z Gundam
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