23 Jul 99 07:34:44 MDT

I live in Italy and here there isn't a single Bandai distributor. More than
one firm import kits from Japan.

Anyway, HLJ and R10 sell kit not only from Bandai, but also from Tamiya which
is the biggest model company in the world. Tamiya has an exclusive distibutor
in Italy and in the States and, as far as I know, Tamiya has not tried to stop
HLJ or R10 from selling kits in Italy or the States.

I'm not a lawyer or an economist, I'm just an engineer, and I really don't
know how Bandai could stop HLJ or R10 from selling kits to private citizens
outside Japan. On the other hand, if Bandai would sell his kits directly to
customers in the States (or wherever you like), then it could stop doing it in
the moment it had an exclusive import contract with a U.S. distributor.

Anyway, even if Gundam kits were distributed in the USA with english
istructions, why should Bandai stop HLJ or R10? I think that the percentage of
people buying them direcly in Japan through e-commerce would be very small
compared to the rest and probably not worth a legal action against HLJ or

I hope I made myself clear enough: english is not my mother toungue.

Ciao, Max

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