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>The MG Dom is currently only available in an assortment case that contains:

>1 x MG MS-14S Char's Gelgoog
>1 x MG MS-14B/C Gelgoog Cannon
>1 x MG MS-14A Mass Production Gelgoog
>1 x Crystal MG MS-06S Char's Zaku II
>1 x Crystal MG MS-06F/J Mass Production Zaku II
>2 x MG MS-05B Regular Zaku I
>2 x MG MS-05B Black Tri-Star Custom
>3 x MG MS-06R-1A High Mobility Zaku II Black Tri-Star Custom
>3 x MG MS-09 Dom
>That's 45,600 yens' worth of merchandise of which less than half of the kits

>are new and in demand. For every 3 backordered Dom, the retailers have to

>put up with stocking at least 5 kits that are already considered old and
>potentially will sit on the shelf for a while.
>More shocking revelations to come...

At least they are gundam kits. what if they included pokemon stuff or even
worse, some of the REALLY kiddie stuff to go with the s\consignment batch?
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