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Richie Ramos wrote:
> >I like to use a little tissue paper,just rip out a piece small enough,put it
> >in the polycap(dont fold it,just lay it over it) and pop it in,it's cheap
> and
> >effedctive(i used that to get the joints in my LM mini eva kids to stick)
> That's a new one for me. I think I'll try it. Do you use single or
> double ply tissue? (just kidding)
> On a serious question though...without power tools, how does one cut the
> plastic...I have a Gaz which has two solid parts for the skirt/bosy, and I
> want to cut the front and side skirt plates and use springs to keep them in
> position. How do I ciut it without the aid of power tools, and how do I
> cut them neatly?
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For long, straight cuts, use a razor saw. For others, you need to
/carefully/ cut with an exacto, never trying to cut entirely through the
part at once. If you can get away with the razor saw, do so...

Christopher Beilby

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Jerome Adecer Jao wrote: > > i just got one of those 'model academy' gundam clone kits from korea. > it was for the AWACS zaku (the kind that looked like an ALIEN queen). > it was TERRIBLE! i couldn't even get the thing to stand with that big > radar dish on the back of it's head.. has anyone else built the AWACS > zaku? what's the lowdown on these 'model academy' kits? > _________________________________________________________ > Do You Yahoo!? > Get your free address at > > - > Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at

Most of us advanced modelers generally avoid the Korean knockoffs as anything other than parts for kitbashes. Generally, the quality in these korean kits is terrible. Personally I avoid them except when looking for parts to Kitbash or if it's a knockoff of a kit that is impossible to find anymore.

Christopher Beilby

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