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Joaquin & Linette Torres wrote:
> Coupla questions:
> 1) I know Garma was the youngest Zabi sibling...who was oldest, Giren? Can somebody list the four from youngest to oldest?

Giren, Kishiria, Dozru, and Garma. (I may be wrong about Kishiria and
the Big 'D')

> 2) When aboard ship in space, and on the various asteroid bases, how did the personnel stay in contact with surfaces? Magnetic boots? Velcro?
> This is assuming that the personnel are not in any gravity block areas.
I've never heard any actual explination of this with respect to the
anime, and velcro or magnetic boots are certainly a possibility. In the
Novels, I think that Tomino definitely said velcro.

> 3) What was the geographic location of Garma's death? East Coast US?

I would say either East Coast or Midwestern. Isherlina's Father was
supposedly mayor of New York City. As to which city, possibilities
include Toronto and Minneapolis/ St. Paul, as both cities have dome
stadiums. (I know that Toronto's was built since the Anime came out,
> 4) Where, geographically, did Operation Odessa take place?
I believe that Odessa base was located in Southeastern Europe, possibly
in the Causcaus mountains. This area is extremely rich in mineral
resources and petroleum, and was, during the Second World War, a
strategically valuable area in which heavy fighting between the Soviets
and the German Wermacht took place.

Note that, if I am wrong with any of these answers, please feel free tX-Mozilla-Status: 0009
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