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> ...I love this ML and I've learned alot of things
> about Gundam because of all the questions people
> the only thing is, does TURN A really suck?

First impression is always going to stuck everyone's
mind and we are easily tempted to make an instant
judgement without knowing it in detail. So many ppl
dislike Turn-A initially is because of the very first
poster/illustration we all have seen: a clear-and-
simple drawing of Turn-A, with Waddom and Flat in the

The radical design of Turn-A, coupled with this way of
presentation to be our first taste of what to come, is
quite obviously to disappoint a lot of Gundam fans,
whether you are a UC, AC, or both. Many fans are quick
to jump to the conclusion, based on this poster, that
the ugliness of this "Turn-A Gordam" basically means
everything else from the ensuing TV series are just as
bad. So the resulting ranting & yipping of the
you-know-what slogans we are obviously getting tired
of. The public opinion took a turn for the better when
we got to see a more detailed, mechanical, and
up-close rendition of Turn-A:

and all of the sudden many Turn-A hater (especially
those who back their stand without any kind of reasons
or logics) started to praise how good/ innovative/
unorthodox this design from the 'obsolete' Gundam
series. Now isn't that funny how the proverb "If Looks
Could Kill" applys into this Turn-A phenomenon? The
same thing happened earlier for 'The "Gundam X" series
sucks big time' shouted by those ppl who've never
watched a single episode of the TV series. As Ed Ju
rightfully pointed out in this ML some months ago,
"Gundam X" had a good story concept & tried to explore
an idea (Newtypes) that will attract the interest from
long-time Gundam fans, but the script writers started
to falter as the series progressed, resulting in a
badly written stories and a plunge of viewership in
Japan and so the "Gundam X" TV series was hastily
wrapped-up. It's very convenient to jump to the
conclusion without giving much thought or effort to
sort out the facts, and the facts are often

I judge Turn-A not just on "Turn-A the mecha" alone; I
like to know how good or bad this TV series based on
the story, the setting, its presentations to viewers,
and logic. By various means, I have the opportunity to
watch the "Turn-A the TV series" and catching up with
the latest episodes. Honestly, I have to say I don't
like the TV series because:

1) the way it presents: such as, the first time Loran
hopped on Turn-A, it automatically activated and
walked out from the ruins, adjusted its beam rifle,
fire a shot to the incoming Moonrace and then stopped.
All these without a single command inputed by the
pilot (a stunned Loran in this case); on other
occasion, Loran was still a novice pilot after a few
ride of Turn-A, yet he can handle the antiquated
Gundam Hammer (a weapon used by RX-78-2 "Gundam" in
0079 series) like an martial-art expert when
countering the invading Waddom; and then there's Sgt.
Coren, Moonrace's very own Bernard Monsha (that
mustached, bone-head 'GM ace' who challaged Kou Uraki
in Gundam 0083) and a totally incomprehensible
character who ranted & yipped his way to challenge the
Loran's white doll "Gundam". The impression I have so
far from this TV series is that "Turn-A" gears towards
younger audiences, as most UC Gundam fans would find
all the illogical moments in Turn-A TV series hard to

2) creativity: as the series unfolds everyweek, we now
know that 'ancient' mobile suits - the Zakus, Kapools,
Guncannons, Turn-A Gundam, etc. all from UC so far -
are being digged up by the earthnoids to counter the
out-of-space invaders. Tomino is surely aware of the
drop in Gundam popularity since "F91", most notably
the disinterest/hostile reaction by fans on his own
"V Gundam" series and the ensuing success of "0083",
"08MS Team" and other non-Tomino Gundam OVAs. I
understand that he has to be prudent not to make
another Gundam series a failure with Sunrise's
financial support backing him up, but then why
recycling his old creations in a new story under the
guise of Turn-A - a universal quantifier which
contains everything? It is evident that he wiped the
slate clean with each Gundam series starting with
"F91", so I more or less was expecting "Turn-A Gundam"
TV series was set in a world with its own uniqueness.
Instead, I saw several steps backward with a society
reminding me of early 20th century a la "Titanic" the
movie (which I accept Tomino and his production team's
explanation on this), and a brand new series need the
help of his former glories by means of familiar UC
mechas and technologies (there may be AC mechas appear
later on in the TV series). This is what I feel the
most disappointing aspect of Turn-A. If Tomino is
truly get tired of Gundam, he can call it quit and let
other aspiring writers to carry on the Gundam legacy
(all the Gundam OVAs are fine examples without

I know the Turn-A series still have a long way to go
and it's too early at this moment to make any kind of
conclusion out of it, but from what I have watched so
far (and still watching), I am thoroughly disappointed
with Yomino the writer and this new series called
"Turn-A Gundam".

"你會看到時代的眼淚" ("You shall withness the tears of an era.")
Shuichi Ikeda (Char Aznable's voice actor),
Mobile Suit Z Gundam
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