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>Oh, you bought an Academy model kit. Anyone here from Academy or an Academy
>fan? I hope not. I don't know, but I just have this very bad impression
>about Academy. I mean, I never bought any of their kits, no matter how nice
>they seems, but I just have this negative image about this company, and the
>kits they produce. Are they the OFFICIAL company for Gundam in Korea? They
>better buck up if they don't want to mar the image of Gundam. How did this
>company manage to stay open with this kind of quality? Can't they do
>The 1/60 MK-II from Academy. Anyone has it? I would like to know if it's
>worth spending my US$100 on it. I still has not bought it just because IT'S
>FROM ACADEMY. Academy sounds like "avoid buying this kit" to me.
>Sorry if there's anyone who's associated to Academy here.

BUY THE BANDAI ORIGINAL!!!!! They do have (now atleast) the lisense to make
Gundam kits. Long time ago... Penninsula far far away... There were many
rogue model kit companies which made those without lisense, since there was
no way of Bandai to know all those company (about.. 5-10 companies I recall)
in overseas. Not until Academy got their money from various military model
kit, those companies still printed Bandai rip-off. I, again, digressed....

Anyways, are you Korean and having difficulty getting Bandai kits? If you
are living in Korea, goto your closest bookstore and buy the magazine
'Hobbiest.' (I don't know if they still are in business... I am in New
Jersey now... ) And look at the advertisements there, you are bound to find
10-30 plastic model import shops. Even distant countryside like mountain
areas have atleast one shops in each city! Seoul has literally thousands.
Being close to Japan, Korea is known to have so many shops. Or you can try

If you are not Korean, try internet. If you are at the costal area of US,
they do HAVE import shops.

Invest some money and buy yourself some authentic kits.

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