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>i just got one of those 'model academy' gundam clone kits from korea.
>it was for the AWACS zaku (the kind that looked like an ALIEN queen).
>it was TERRIBLE! i couldn't even get the thing to stand with that big
>radar dish on the back of it's head.. has anyone else built the AWACS
>zaku? what's the lowdown on these 'model academy' kits?

Amazing! I had the exactly same one! When I was 12 in Korea (yes... I'm
Korean), I once bought that kit from the 'model academy'. Well... Model
Academy's kits usually includes it's own adhesive, which is packaged in
small silverly pastesac (looks like toothpaste). I found it very.... err....
annoying to use those. And sometimes, I supplymented them with yellowish
adheresive called 'Pig Bonds'. I digress... anyway, the packaged adheresives
are very small in quantity (unless the kit is model aircraft carrier, in
which the company gave copious amount). Also, they are using the copy of the
copy (the mold is) so their parts do not lock on to each other well. Also,
unlike Bandai or Hasegawa kits, which has ridge or complementary evaginated
things ( those are shaped in small cylinder and opposite side complement
them, I don't know what they are called... I am no expert in that. :)), some
of the earliest kits, such as Gundam series kits which they were producing
at the ealry stage of their company, did not have them. Also, the quality of
plastic in which the cast is made on is VERY VERY irregular in their
content. In the same kit, certain parts will get bent easily, while other
part will be very hard to cut. Instruction manuals are in Korean of
course... although if you know some will help, but I've seen recent kits
with 5 other language. But authentisity is zero, as they do not have any
collector's value. So bottom line? Invest some more and buy Japanese kits (I
know, it's sad but true, I would be hurting my own country... heh,
ironic...). However, if you want to just play with the built kits or for
practice (like airbrushing or coloring in, which many of the HG have it
already done....) buy it, polish it.

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