Jae Yang (gundamfrx87@email.msn.com)
Fri, 23 Jul 1999 00:41:21 -0400

>>a question is the turn a's story in a uc or a nonuc storyline . i didnt
>>follow it at all i just dont like it because its ugly in my opinion but i
>>never botherd with the timeline
> Hmmm...at first people thought it was probably an AC thing, but with teh
>lates carttons showing Zakus and all that, I think it's a good bet that the
>Turn A is definiely UC. Where in it is still up for grabs though.
>"Magic is the hand of faith..."
>Richard Ramos

I knew it when there was Couple (spell?) ! :)
I like that bizarre looking MS.

And what about the time? Exactly 2345 year of what?

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